Solid Asset Maintenance Plan to Avoid Losses

Deprive your Assets of Downtime

The retail industry relies heavily on business continuity. An unplanned repair activity could result in an unwanted interruption. Move to a preventive maintenance approach where regular inspections and quality tests are conducted to avoid unanticipated downtime. Smart Assets can help you stay ahead with maintenance schedules and repair routines!


Efficient Asset Life-Cycle Management

Maximise Fixed Asset Life

Our software solution offers seamless monitoring of assets from the date of procurement to the date of disposal, improving the lifetime and usage capacity of your assets.

Asset Visibility to Boost Business

Throw the Spotlight on your Assets

A lot of businesses lose revenue due to idle assets. Smart Assets can help you identify unused assets, re-deploy them into the business, and eliminate unwanted expenditure.

Sophisticated Tracking Technology

Let your Assets Leave a Trail Behind!

Using pen and paper or conventional spreadsheets to track your assets is going to be tedious and time-consuming! Smart Assets brings to you RFID and NFC tracking mechanisms that can work wonders for you.

Effortless Asset Management with Smart Assets!

Create a Centralized Asset Library

Building and maintaining a fixed asset register with accurate information is no longer a hassle. Our cloud-based software allows your teams to access and update asset information from anywhere in the world.

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