Management of IT Assets

Maximise the Value of Your IT Equipment and Infrastructure

With the advent of subscription-based software, companies are acquiring a lot of software licenses to suit the unique needs of their businesses. It is important that your organization’s overall asset management strategy extends beyond just tangible equipment. Smart Assets brings smart management of assets to the table. Get your hands on our software to automate the process of acquiring, tracking, maintaining, and disposing IT assets.


A Single Source of Information for Everyone

Reap the Benefits of Having an Up-to-Date Asset Portal

Storing your asset information in multiple places can result in loss of vital information and mismanagement. Smart Assets is an intelligent asset management tool that can serve as your central source of asset information.

Better Adherence to Corporate Security Policies

Be Audit-Ready Always!

IT assets need to comply with several corporate security regulations, and this often gets neglected. Smart Assets is a next-generation, scalable software solution that makes regular compliance checks less of a chore and keeps your hardware and software assets free of legal or security risks!

Accelerated Asset Usage

Make Informed Business Decisions

A company incurs unnecessary losses when they make redundant purchases such as buying an already functioning asset again or underutilizing an expensive asset or replacing an asset before its value depreciates. Smart Assets helps you monitor your assets throughout their lifecycle and helps you make better decisions that can prove to be profitable in the longer run.

ITIL Framework Support

Asset Management that Aligns with ITIL Practices

We understand IT/ITES asset management isn’t an isolated process. Smart Assets is equipped to work in tandem with the change management/incident management systems that you may already have!

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