Manufacturing Maintenance Solution

Prioritise Safety Practices at your Facility

Manufacturing units demand rigorous safety audits to be in place as trivial mistakes can cost life-threatening consequences! Smart Assets can help you ensure your assets are in operating conditions by providing accurate information on asset health.


Maximise Equipment Effectiveness

Monitor Asset Performance to Increase Overall Equipment Efficiency

Industrial manufacturing plants can achieve great profits from increasing equipment visibility and reducing manual labour costs. Smart Assets is a highly secure cloud application that offers a digital repository to store your asset information and identify production hinderances.

Due Diligence for Merger and Acquisitions

Ensure Smooth Transition of Assets between Buyer and Target Organizations

If you are planning to merge with an organization, and don’t have an asset management software in place, things could go terribly wrong for both the parties! Deploy Smart Assets to implement an efficient asset management plan that would make your organization more suitable for M&A transactions, and less prone to loss of assets.

Complete Ownership of Assets

Take the Reins of Asset Management in your own Hands!

Asset monitoring involves multiple layers of complex activities that require mammoth labour efforts when done manually. Bid adieu to outdated spreadsheets and other conventional methods, set up Smart Assets to automate asset processes and breathe a sigh of relief!

Guaranteed Strategy for Extending Equipment Life

Ensure your Assets are Well Maintained

Without regular maintenance, your precious equipment can fall pray to cannibalization or expensive replacement costs. With Smart Assets as your trusted asset partner, you no longer have to wait until your equipment runs into a problem. Our cloud-based enterprise asset solution can help you avoid costly repairs with a strategic maintenance plan.

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