Worry Less about Equipment Maintenance, Focus More on Patient Experience

Increase patient retention rates with hassle-free maintenance of medical equipment.

Ill-maintained and unreliable equipment can disrupt employee productivity resulting in poor patient satisfaction. With Smart Assets on the floor, you can leave the daunting task of scheduling repairs, performance inspections, and quality audits to us, allowing your staff to prioritize patient experience over device downtime. We offer a concrete plan to comply with healthcare security regulations and mitigate future risks.


Tracking and Management of Healthcare Assets

Enhance the Quality of Healthcare with Asset Management

Effective management of expensive medical equipment and machinery deeply impacts how treatment is delivered
to patients who trust you with their lives. It is crucial that your hospital assets are acquired, maintained,
and disposed at the right time to ensure smooth functioning of healthcare services. Smart Assets is the perfect
tool that would serve as the one-stop solution to all your asset related needs!

Achieve Profits with Maximized Usage of Assets

Optimize asset utilization to cut down long-term, unwanted expenditure.

Implement Smart Assets to monitor the frequency of usage of each of your asset. This way, expensive assets that are used less frequently can be swapped for less-expensive alternatives, and under-utilized assets can be identified, resulting in increased usage for maximum benefits.

Automate Asset Tracking and Locate Devices in a Jiffy!

Leverage RFID technology to improve asset visibility and accessibility.

Our sophisticated asset management software comes powered with a robust RFID tagging mechanism which enables
doctors and nurses to readily access critical supplies anytime anywhere! Smart Assets makes it possible to
locate medical equipment in real-time. This prevents loss or misplacement of valuable assets, and reduces costs
spent on replacing missing assets.

Ditch your Spreadsheets and Switch to Streamlined Asset Management Processes

Look Beyond Excel for accurate and error-free results.

Hospitals are asset-intense organizations with numerous devices required to keep the business going.
If you are still using spreadsheets to keep track of your assets, remember that it comes with huge risks
that can result in heavy monetary losses. Smart Assets is a feature-rich, cloud-based application that is
specifically designed to perform complex operations like reporting, data collection, device calibration management,
cataloguing of medical equipment, and incident management. Go for a revamp and witness promising returns on your investment!

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