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Find out how to enhance accountability and speed up workflows with better equipment tracking.

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We offer a range of application modules and services to choose from, tailored to meet your business needs and support your growth.

Smart Assets Pro - Base

Asset Life Cycle

Track and manage your assets, right from induction till dispose, along with various parameters to understand and manage the assets efficiently.

Unlimited Users

No limitations or restrictions on the number of users who can access and use “Smart Assets Pro”

User Defined Fields

User Defined Fileds can be created with requierd data types (e.g., text, number, date), helps to enhance flexibility and adaptability, allowing users to tailor the software to their specific requirements.

Mobile App

“Smart Assets Pro” mobile app works on iOS and Android.


Smart Assets Pro - Add-Ons


Define and Calculate depreciation using various methods like, the straight-line method, declining balance method, and sum-of-the-years’ digits method etc.

Software License Management

Track and manage the purchase, deployment, maintenance, and usage of software licenses throughout the organization.

Purchase Invoice

Manage all CAPEX purchase related information like vendor, equipement specification, cost, installation charges etc.


Preserve and prolong the useful life of fixed assets through regular inspections, repairs, and preventive maintenance activities.

Service Contract

Manage scope of services, SLA, performance metrics etc.


Manage insurance policies typically cover a range of fixed assets, including buildings, machinery, equipment, and vehicles.

Lease & Rental Management

Manage terms and conditions of the lease, including the duration, payment schedule, and maintenance responsibilities.


Physical Verification

Physically verifying the existence and condition of fixed assets as recorded in an organization’s fixed asset register.


Process of assigning a unique identifier or label to each fixed asset.

Data Auditing

Fixed assets data auditing is to identify errors, inconsistencies, and omissions in the data, and to ensure that the data is reliable, relevant, and timely.

Data Import

Importing or uploading data related to fixed assets into “Smart Assets Pro”.


Managing the entire life cycle of your fixed assets and provide required reports on a timely manner.

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