Asset Monitoring Solutions for State and Central Government Offices

You Serve the Community, While We Care for Your Assets

Protect your essential assets and make the most out of your taxpayers’ hard-earned money with the help of our best-in-the-market asset management solution that promises you maximum returns at a meagre investment!


Increased Equipment Lifespan

Make a Difference on a Limited Budget

As a government organisation, you may already be facing budget limitations! We totally understand your financial constraints and bring you an automated solution to consistently monitor the quality of your assets and make them last longer!

Reactive Maintenance is no Longer the Way to Go!

Shift to a Predictive Maintenance Model

As a government establishment, you may be dealing with important tasks like maintaining public utilities and sanitation. Smart Assets can help you plan regular maintenance audits, schedule repairs, inspections, and ensure consistency of services.

Seamless Integrations and Customizations

Integrate with any system effortlessly!

Smart Assets is a flexible application built to be compatible with a wide range of other software solutions. You don’t have to give up on your existing financial or accounting systems as we are platform agnostic and come with an extensive set of features that can be customised as you wish!

Strategic Asset Management

Move Asset Data to the Cloud

Stop sticking to the traditional pen-and-paper or spreadsheets to update and maintain your asset records. As a government operated organization, you may have loads of paperwork, files, and folders containing important asset information. Our user-friendly, cloud-based software solution allows you to export all your physical data into the cloud!

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