Religious Establishments

Improve the management of your Religious Establishments

Whether working remotely or on the front lines, Levantare helps your Religious Establishments team stayon top of inventory management anywhere, anytime.


Keep the Peace at your Place of Worship

Asset Management is not Arduous Anymore!

Religious spaces have a lot of high value assets that need to be evaluated and maintained on a daily basis. It is important to be aware of the lifecycle of each asset to evaluate maintenance costs and come up with better budget planning. Smart Assets can do that for you while you can carry on with your spiritual endeavours in absolute harmony!

Swift and Smooth Asset Tracking Solution

Godspeed to Tracking Your Assets

With Smart Assets to your aid, your volunteers won’t have to go scouting for information on where your assets are located, or which volunteer has it right now. We provide concrete, cloud-based tracking technology that can help you track your assets effortlessly.


Make your Dead Assets Accountable

Give your Ghost Assets a New Lease of Life

If your religious establishment is massive, stretching over multiple acres of land, there may be chances that you could have unused or unidentified assets lying around. While these assets may appear in your register, they no longer serve you, and negatively impact your business! Bring in an automated solution that can identify and resurrect your ghost assets with regular audits and detailed reporting.

Control Donations and Funds

Make your Donations Count

With Smart Assets, your members and volunteers can keep a tab on all donations from musical instruments to monetary help, online fundraisers, books, and clothes – making sure they reach the needy in right time.

Give the Best Care for your Assets!

Invest Today, Reap Tomorrow

Places of worship have assets that are not revenue generators but are also of high spiritual and emotional value! We offer the best application in the market to tag your assets, locate them in real-time, preserve, and maintain them, all at a down-to-earth pricing that will offer you sky-high profits.

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