Improve the management of your life saving Hospitality

Whether working remotely or on the front lines, Levantare helps your hospitality team stay on top of hospitality inventory management anywhere, anytime.


A Comprehensive System for Hotel Asset Management

Provide a Seamless Guest Experience with Centralized Asset Solutions

Hospitality avenues such as hotels, resorts, and cruises have a huge ensemble of assets to take care of. Hotels with more than 100 rooms would have at least 1000 assets that include furniture, computers and tablets, property management software licenses, and other equipment. Let SmartAssets simplify the complex task of asset monitoring while you boost your business and cashflow by offering a smooth guest experience from check-in to check-out.

Encounter Less Breakdowns and Faster Resolutions

Give Your Hotel Operations an Impressive Makeover.

Decrease the risks associated with breakdowns and incidents with Smart Assets by your side! Equipped with state-of-the-art incident management, we can assure you that every breakdown is recorded, and incidents are resolved quickly.

Asset Knowledge at the Back of your Hand

Know Your Assets Better.

It is crucial that you know which of your assets are rented/leased, and which are owned. This information can greatly help with identifying your financial liabilities. Let us step in and take over your balance sheets and help you adhere better to the latest financial accounting standards!

Say No to Asset Loss

Minimize Liabilities and Decrease Fraudulent Activities.

From asset acquisition to tracking utility bills and creating purchase orders, we can make it all a cakewalk for you!

Go High on Aesthetics!

Handle your Art Collection with Great Care

Aesthetics play a huge role in hospitality. The paintings, sculptures, vintage furniture, books, and art installations at your hotel premises are financial assets that add value to your business. Our asset management software can help you track your art collection. With SmartAssets, you can tag each art piece, know its location instantly, schedule maintenance activities, and know the right time to sell your art!

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