Improve the management of your education

Whether working remotely or on the front lines, Levantare helps your education team stay on top of education inventory management anywhere, anytime.


The Business of Education Made Easy with Effective Asset Tracking

Make Your School a Safe and Pupil-Friendly Place

Academic institutions can benefit greatly from having an enterprise-level asset management software on board. Be it stationery or IT equipment or scientific devices in labs, we can help you manage your school facilities, and ensure they are all in working condition, allowing you to cater to your students ‘needs better!

Never Compromise on Accuracy

Decrease the Amount of Paperwork and Improve Accuracy

Implementing an asset management system can save you loads of time and manual labour. SmartAssets allows you to easily set-up and use a fixed asset register that would have accurate information on asset’s condition, frequency of usage, and repair schedules.


Your Budget is no Longer a Roadblock

Do the Best for Your School Within the Stipulated Budget

If your school or college is publicly funded, you may be operating on a stringent budget already and may want to stick to a plan that would limit unwanted expenditures. SmartAssets can assist you with tracking the purchase cost of assets and identify assets that are expensive but underutilized. This way, the figures spent on your school facilities can be reallocated resulting in maximum utilization of available resources.

Never Run Out of Supplies

Ensure Continuous Availability of Assets for Teachers, Students, and Staff Members

Schools and colleges involve a large volume of assets that may be used by multiple people simultaneously. SmartAssets can monitor who the asset is currently assigned to and helps your staff members avoids conflicts of any sort! Our software has efficient reporting capabilities that makes device deployment less of a chore!

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