We offer answers to some frequently asked questions about Smart Assets™ and its features. Should you have further questions , please contact us.

Q.   How is Asset Management different from Asset Tracking?
Q.   What are the benefits of Asset Management?
Q.   Why should we outsource this Assets Tracking?
Q.   How do we maintain our asset data on an ongoing basis?
Q.   How do I sell the idea of asset management to upper
Q. How long does an audit usually take?
Q.   Can I maintain any number of companies , branches,locations, users?
Q.   How many roles should be created?
Q.   Can user set the role rights?
Q.   Can I take print out of remainders?
Q.   Can I create as many currencies as I want?
Q.   Does the users have to be linked to the branch? Can the user be given restricted branch access?
Q.   Is asset code editable/ or can the asset code be modified?
Q.   Can assets Tag be modified?
Q.   Can you use any type of characters in the asset code?
Q.   Can Smart Assets™ automatically convert any foreign currency into local currency?
Q.   What are the blank fields for in the Assets Other Tab?
Q.   Do you consider sub assets also for depreciation?
Q.   Can you transfer any asset to any other branch/location/department?
Q.   Can all assets be disposed straightaway?
Q.   Can you scrap assets sent outward for service?
Q.   Can you scrap/Dispose/transfer the linked assets?
Q. Can I pre close a service or an insurance contract?
Q. Can I open a service contract for more than 1 year?
Q. Can I extend the service contract after I approve the document?
Q. How do you take care of depreciation?
Q. Can I revalue the assets at any point of time?
Q. Can I reopen a financial year after I close the year?
Q. How many reports have you provided in your software?
Q. Have you complied with the statutory requirements of the software?
Q. What if I want more reports?
Q. Can I take a report on the query?
Q. Can I print View assets screen?
Q. Can you interface your Smart Assets™ with my accounts software?

































































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