Bar Coding and Bar Code Labels
After finishing the physical tracking, and fixing of the temporary sticker, then our personnel will formulate an excel template with the collected tracking data and will give assets code, Location, department, custodian, Asset type to the individual assets and print the label, with the following details and then we will be pasting the Bar code labels on the respective assets. Below we have some sample labels.

• Line No 1 Bar code

• Line No 2 Assets code

• TIPL/STR/COM-CPU/00060 TIPL-Company Code /STR-Branch Code/ COM-CPU
– Com Is Computer Group – CPU is the Assets Type and 00060 is the asset number

• Line No 3 Name of the Assets CPU Serial No ZEB101B0512997241

• Line No 4 Bond No & Bond Date

• Line No 5 BOE No & Date

Once tracking and fixing of barcode labels are over, we will submit the complete tracking and physical verification report.

There are different types of bar-code labels available:

1. Label (Polyester) these label will are special in nature. They are laminated and will stand much longer to the second proposed label. Polyester label are waterproof and can be used for a long time.

2. Label (Paper) these label are made of simple paper. Here libraries have to laminate the label so that it can stand the natural calamities or human interface. These will be cheaper but will require periodic changes.

Once the Bar-code labels are determined they have to be printed using a Barcode Printer: This is a special printer used to print the barcode label and asset’s ID’s and details.

The tracked assets and the bar-codes printing need to be done through Barcode Software: The barcode software is used to generate the barcode label. The software SMART ASSETS™ which LEVANTARE is supplying can be used to modify the layout of the label; i.e. logo of the organisation, image of the user and information like institute name and address, etc and user name, id, address can be included in the label format.

Once the bar-codes have been fixed they have to be read by either a fixed or hand-held Barcode Scanner.

The Fixed Barcode scanner will scan the barcode details on the label at either an entry or exit point and the details will be captured in the software on downloading the information on to it.

Wireless Barcode Scanner (hand-held), is used for the stock taking or identifying of the assets. The wireless can be taken anywhere within the organization, labels can be scanned and the information will be collected on the software when connected.


Barcode Based Fixed Assets Management Solution

• Barcode Thermal Printer + Software

• Fixed Barcode Scanner

• Wireless Barcode Scanner

• Label Type One – Polyester

• Label Type Two – Paper

• Installation & Training