Asset Tracking

LEVANTARE has a unique working methodology. It does not adopt standard and generic method for everyone. Instead it takes a customized, step by step approach…

Step1: To learn and understand the objectives of the individuals/corporate by discussions through our Fixed            assets consultant.

Step2: To Analyze current practice of fixed assets management.

Step3: To Determine “need” gap.

Step4: To define a budget and time frame.

Step5: To Propose fixed assets management solution, to meet that particular industry needs.

Assessment Phase

Understanding what you need to accomplish is the first step towards the Implementation process.

The secret to a successful implementation of an Asset Management Solution is in the planning and designing of the project. We have experience, methodologies and well trained Fixed Assets Consultants, who will ensure that an asset inventory progresses effectively.

The Planning and design includes:

• Establishing naming conventions - for Branches, Locations, Groups, and Assets & Asset types.

• Establishing naming conventions for assets

• Collecting information about manufacturing, vendor, insurance and custodian.

• Capturing digital images of assets and custodians ( available as an optional service)

• Deciding on bar code numbering conventions and design

• Depreciation methodology.

The planning process begins by collecting, assembling and analyzing the existing information. Any other requirement from pertinent departments like Finance, IT, and maintenance are also identified and procured during the planning stage itself. The project plan is then created in consultation with the client’s key stakeholder and then executed.

Physical Verification and Audit

Assets audit is an essential assignment, which needs to be performed on an annual basis.

Audit reports allows you to identify

• transferred assets,

• excess assets,

• missing assets or unidentified assets (which may have entered your organization without your knowledge)

We will be deputing a team of professional people who are all well experienced in asset tracking in the various industrial verticals and will complete physical verification and inventory of your assets in respective location(s) as per the list given by you.

• Our personnel will visit, each and every factory, offices and depots, and will take the details of all the assets in   each departments & locations such as

• Name of the assets,

• Description of the Assets,

• Department,

• Name of the Manufacturer,

• Model No,

• Custodian, and

• Serial No etc.,

• Our Personal, while taking the assets details will also put in a temporary sticker on the assets so see that assets   are not tracked twice

• They will see to that all the locations of the fixed assets of the company are identified.

• The fixed assets are first identified to the respective branches and locations as per the books.

• Authorized Custodians in each location are identified.

• Visits to the locations are scheduled and informed in advance.

• Along with the authorized personnel, in each location a physical audit of the assets are carried out.

• All assets which are present in the correct location are identified.

• Any asset which is supposed to be available in the location, but not located, is recorded and documented.

• Any excess assets which are present are also, recorded and documented.

• A report on the location wise consolidation will be provided.

• The Authorized personnel of your Company and our Company attest the center wise reports.

• The complete list of the assets will be consolidated, and a complete report will be submitted to your Company,   after the completion of the process